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6 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media

You knew it was high time to get social. Your social accounts went up, you started curating and posting content. So where’s all the action at?

1) Pick the “Right” Platform

Know your audience. This will give you insight not only into where they hang online, but also into what types of content, solutions or offers resonate. Show up where your audience lives and actively listen to the conversations. Then you’ll be ready to join in and start adding real value to the community.

2) Be Real

Humanize your communications. Spammy communications get you nowhere fast. When have you responded to an automated or standardized message? Likely never. And your audience is no different. Identify and make a unique personal connection in your outreach. Speak one-to-one, even when addressing your audience. Don’t be afraid to share your personal story or learnings from mistakes. Be real. Be personal. Authenticity always resonates.

3) Turn On the Creativity

Be unique, bold and engaging. No one stands out from blending in. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If everyone in your space is following a boring status quo, how much flexibility do you have to challenge it? Being creative can also mean being resourceful. For instance, you may have older content lying around that could be revamped or repurposed. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, think about fresh ways to utilize your existing resources in a new context.

4) Be Camera Ready

Experiment with different forms of media. And if you haven’t jumped on video yet, there’s never been a better time to practice than now. You don’t need an entire camera crew to get started. And remember, it’s never perfect when you start. Get the gears turning and publish to get feedback, not validation

5) Make a Brand Promise

Claim a promise you can keep. It’s more than a catchy tagline or slogan. Your brand promise is the foundation of your brand. It’s a benefit to your audience that delivers unique value and sets you apart from the competition. Every business and every individual has a brand – are you in control of yours?

6) Be Consistent & Persistent

Deliver, deliver, deliver. Continually show up and follow through on your promise. Developing authority in your space doesn’t happen overnight. Others may drop out, but your persistence to go the extra mile will push you far ahead of the crowd.

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Kei Matsuyama
Chief Growth Officer @digitalrush

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