5 Free Marketing Tools To Grow Your Small Business

We’re big fans of focusing on what works and throwing out what doesn’t. You probably might agree that when it comes to growing your business, winging it just doesn’t work. We know that without the right tools, systems and structures in place it’s easy to get distracted. We’re in 2020 with more data and tools available than we can handle. So where do we even start? Below are some awesome free tools that we’ve tried, tested and approved.


First off, whatever you  may have heard – email is far from dead. If you’ve earned your way into the inbox of your audience, the sky’s the limit. And if you haven’t, it’s time to start. Email is the best opportunity to nurture those relationships in a more personal and connected way. MailChimp is a freemium email marketing service that makes it super easy to get started. Our small businesses clients love how detailed yet simple the reporting is on the platform. And if you have an email list under 2K, your account is absolutely free to maintain and send mass outreach. Plus, MailChimp’s fun-loving quirky brand makes any task on the platform just that much more fun – yes, FUN.


You’ve probably heard about the importance of Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMS). They’re invaluable in helping streamline and optimize specific business operations. We’ve worked on multiple platforms for our clients at different stages of business growth. However, we can confidently say that HubSpot really fits the bill for growing businesses small to large. To start you’ll have the ability to track relationships and deal pipelines, streamline project tasks as well as automate repetitive workflows. That means less busy work and more time to focus on what matters most.


With so many social platforms out there, how do you keep up? We love Buffer for its super clean and simple interface – no bells and whistles here. Hook up your social accounts and manage them all in one place. Sure there are many other contenders out there, but if the goal is to simplify scheduling posts then Buffer is the way to go. Their basic analytics are great to start out, and their algorithms scan your audience and past post performance to recommend optimal posting times – one less thing to worry about. Their free plan allows you to connect up to 3 social accounts and queue up to 10 posts per account. Upgraded plans start from around $10/month.

Aiva Labs

As dedicated marketers, we believe in testing, iterating and optimizing every detail for conversions. Everything from popup forms, landing pages and micro sites to promotions, outreach and full-blown campaigns – you name it. We love Aiva Labs because they make our lives easier by helping streamline the conversion optimization process. Their campaign builder allows you to target, test and optimize specific content on your website based on user behavior. You can also tailor the experience over different devices using customizable templates without knowing a single line of code. Though a fresh player on the field, we’re confident to back them up through our own experience and have even partnered with Aiva to do our part in getting the word out. The basic account is entirely free and accessible to everyone. Through our partnership we’ve also been able to offer our marketing savvy clients and followers a free trial of the pro account to get the most from the platform.

Google Analytics

We believe that whatever can be measured, can grow. That’s why tracking and analyzing data is so important for digital marketing and business growth. This is where working smarter, not harder comes into play. First off, make sure to add the tracking code snippet to your site to begin collecting data, then worry about fine tuning later. We swear by Google Analytics and it can be set up to measure a whole array of of on-site activity to give you insights into your website and campaign performance. For instance, let’s say you notice a spike in traffic during a specific period – what caused it? Was it from a social campaign, email outreach, media mention, referral link or an off-site event? Google Analytics will give you the tools to find the answers to what’s working and what’s not. The key is to then to double-down on what’s working to produce the greatest result.

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